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    Explanation for the functionalities

    - Cashback option - Each customer has their own virtual parking lot, which after each purchase is credited points that can be used for the next order.

    - Additional "discount rules" - Store rules such as "if the customer buys a product of the next product of that type to have a discount", "if the buyer has reached a certain total price to have free delivery or a certain discount ".

    - Create additional discount coupons - an option that allows you to create coupon codes that you will distribute to your loyal customers in order to have a certain discount.

    - Cart abandonment tool - if the user leaves the cart without completing the order, he will be automatically sent a return email, if you have selected the option to create discount coupons, it is possible to send it together with the email and an automatically created or existing discount coupon.

    - Minimalist design of the background of the desktop version - better appearance, additional tracking options such as the current number of visitors and the number of visits for each product separately and many other options.

    - Favorite Products - the ability for the customer to select which products are his favorites and to list them.

    - "Pre-order" of products - opportunity for customers to book a product that is new and not yet available.

    - Instagram auto poster - a very useful tool that allows you to automatically post your products and their content (text, images ...) on your Instagram profile (do or post). Set which products, at what time and in what way you want to be posted and this tool will do it for you.


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